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Thursday, April 14, 2011


If Craftsman and Mid-Century Modern had offspring perhaps?
Park Vista Community High School, who knew?

So this morning I had to pick my daughter up (generic unspecified stomach ache) from Park Vista Community High School in Boynton Beach.  These are the chairs residing in Student Services.  Is it just me or are they kick ass?  Frankly I did a double take.  I was amazed at such tasteful style in a most unexpected venue!  Do you like? Where have you found unexpected style.  Maybe we should start a series.  Hmmmm.  Send me pix and I will make you famous (ok so probably not).



  1. i never noticed those before!

  2. whoa! even the fabric is perfect w/the cutouts!! very cool find, that would be a great column "I spy...unexpected style" ;)

  3. ha ... ha .. This is the design of a chair that is truly unique