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Friday, April 15, 2011


Samsung four door refrigerator

It seems like the refrigerator is one kitchen appliance that is always changing and evolving.  After all, it has risen from being a literal "ice box" to an electronic device that can be temperature controlled by area for your unique needs.  The latest innovation is the four door model.  Sounds like a car but it's a fridge.  They look like the popular French door models but with an extra drawer.  Consumer Reports recently reviewed three models, by Samsung, Kenmore and LG.  The highest rated model was the Samsung which is also the priciest of the three retailing at $2,600.  They liked the functionality of the extra drawer which has something called a FlexZone.  It can be temperature adjusted for meat, drinks, kids' snacks etc. The Kenmore model rated highly too with its most appealing feature being an outside water/ice  dispenser and a built-in filtration system.  The Kenmore model retails for $2,400.  The LG model did not fare as well as it has the least usable space and is the least energy efficient.  It is however, the least expensive starting at $2,200.00.  Incidentally Consumer Reports does reccommend several French (3 door) models at $1,000 or less.

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