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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So here I am.  It's another hump day.  I'm checking the email under the delusion that I will catch up with my inbox when BAMMM I get this awesome press release from Ad-Maven Lori Dolnick of Frank Advertising.  Wowser!   I LOVE this new cabinet hardware collection, Sanctuary,  by Top Knobs, Inc.  It's modern, Asian, architectural and everything I long for (almost).   You can see the whole line and download a catalogue of your very own here.  Just one question, where can I get that door?   Isn't it stunning?  I'm going to have to put Brendan to work on it.  It looks like a must have for our new showroom.


  1. Who knew I was a Maven. And yes, the collection and the door both are stunning!! You should see what they have for KBIS. I just got a sneak peak. It's AMAZING!!!! Will blow you away.

  2. Yes, Lori, you're our fave AD(WO)MAN. Can't wait to see the KBIS goodies.

  3. what a fabulous catalog!! so great to see, was so hard to find modern asian fusion hardware 5 years ago. (geez has it been that long since masters?)

    I LOVE the pulls on pg 5, they are going on my wish list for the kitchen (I wonder if Tom would like them too)

  4. Asian Fusion is just everywhere from food to decor. I hope it stays for a while :)

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