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Friday, March 18, 2011


Let there be light by Loox

Hafele is one of my favorite resources for kitchen hardware and functional, fun accessories.  Known for quality and efficient German engineering it seems they are always coming out with something "wow-worthy".  Our ever faithful local rep, Pat Flatley, keeps me in the loop on their latest products.  I just found out about this one which I'm dying to share with you.  It's call Loox.  Does it sound like a Dr. Seus character?  Sure.  Is it a seriously kick-ass lighting option for your home?  Definitely.   Whether it's task lighting or just an ambient after glow you're looking for, Loox has the answer.  Loox is a low-voltage LED lighting system.  You can read about the technical details here.

Light turns on when you open the drawer

Shelf lighting, all photos by Hafele

What I love is the great functionality of having a light inside a drawer or in the nooks and crannies of the closet.  Check out this handy Loox Room Configurator.  Simply click on the type of room you want to view and you can turn on and off all the various light fixtures that illuminate the room.  Hours of fun!  (Ok maybe not hours)  When you're a kitchen designer it's the little things that come together to make a fantastic whole!


  1. omg that is the color I want to paint my kitchen!! love it!

    and that mini drawer light is AWESOME!

  2. Yes that color combination really makes the white pop!

  3. I'm kooks for Loox. And the configurator rocks. The drawer lights would be perfect for my caveman, night owl husband.

  4. Yes, me too. I get all vampire-ish at night and I love the dark. That's why I'll never buy an e-reader that is not back lit.