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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I will see a replica of this kitchen at Counter Space at the MOMA

That's right. Today I'm back in the BA (big apple but you should know that). If you recall, I was here only 6 months ago during fashion week courtesy of  Brizo Faucets. Click here for a journey 6 months back in time. Wouldn't you know it, the amazing exhibit Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen at MOMA opened within days of my departure necessitating a return trip before it closes on March 11th.  Some savvy bloggers wrote about it on the front end so I'm going to wrap it up for you and send it out with a bang.   I'll be there on Sunday. Tomorrow I'll be visiting the new super slick Scavolini showroom in Soho.  I hear it's not to be missed so I will also be bringing you the latest in Italian kitchen design from this progressive cabinet manufacturer.  Now if you know me, you'll know I have to fit in a little art and guess what's happening this weekend? Yes that's right, the Armory Art Show.

Scavolini Showroom NYC here I come! Photo from Scavolini


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If you're paying attention you'll notice yet another badge on my sidebar.   I am now officially an "expert" at with one published article and loads more to come,  as soon as I have time.    More from New York tomorrow.

PS.   If there's anything you think I should check out while I'm there drop me a comment and I'll try to squeeze it in. Cheers!

Armory Art Show


  1. Have fun and give my best to Daniele tomorrow at Scavolini.