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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


ROLLOUT founders industrial artist Anita Modha and graphic artist Jonathan Nodrick

ROLLOUT, the wallpaper!

As you may have heard, wallpaper is in vogue once again.  I confess I am not naturally "wallpaper inclined" but what I saw recently in the intriguing Studio North & Prototype section at IDS11 in Toronto made me think again.   After all, I am slavishly devoted to art and what better way to " art"  than by utilizing the biggest canvas of all, your wall!
The innovative custom wallpaper manufacturer,  ROLLOUT , featured eight designs, including new work by founder/designers Anita Modha and Jonathan Nodrick.

This funky design is called LeCorbusier

Not only was I impressed by their edgy designs but, get this, you can design your own wallpaper.    It's pricey but that's so you keep  your taste in check.  Keep it to a focal wall such as in a powder room or dining room and you won't break the bank or run the risk of  "too much of a good thing".  This digitally printed eco-conscious wallpaper runs about $10 a square foot.  Get your own art printed for about $8 per square foot plus set up charges.    These premium, latex-based inkjet wallcoverings come in 36’’ wide rolls.  Custom design projects are quoted upon request.

ROLLOUT was recently featured on Canadian lifestyle and design talk show Steven & Chris.  Click here to see the show.  The ROLLOUT section is at 12:30.

Vitra Panton chair by Rollout was auctioned on IDS 11 Opening Night

In addition to their presence at IDS 11, ROLLOUT was also asked to re-design a Vitra Panton chair that was auctioned off with the proceeds going to Casey House, the first free-standing HIV/AIDs hospice in Canada which offers support and care to those that are affected in their communities.  20 one-off chairs by some of Canada's leading designers and architects were auctioned off during the opening night of the event.

IDS11 is Canada's largest contemporary design fair that has served to inform and support the growing Canadian design industry for the past fourteen years.  Thank you to Blanco for sending me to IDS 11!


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  1. I have never been big on wallpaper, but one of my brothers likes it a lot, and my father was an absolute wizard with it. The Old Man really did a wonderful job of matching seams when he hung it. The other thing is that Dad never overdid it. He would pick one wall in his home for wallpaper, which made it much more dramatic. He also tended to look for things that were different from the ordinary. Being able to design some of one’s own would have been right up his alley, I think!