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Friday, February 11, 2011


Check it out!  You will notice a new addition to my side bar.  That's right.  The folks over at Kitchen Improved (thank you)  decided I deserved a Best of the Web Award!

Quietly Being  by Open Studio artist Emma Nashimira is etching and aquatint on Japanese paper 

We came close in the last post about ROLLOUT Custom Wallpaper but you didn't think  I would finish my commentary on IDS 11 with out talking about ART, did you?  Well the decidedly nice thing about this design show was the mix and variety of products both utilitarian and beautiful.  Gorgeous paintings mingled with state of the art kitchens and avant garde fireplaces.

Can art and home decor live together without succumbing to the need to match the painting to the sofa?  I really hope so and I believe if you embrace the art you love and show it proudly, no matter what, the answer is YES! Art is also one of the best, and easiest, ways to personalize your kitchen.  If you have an open wall take advantage and hang some art.  Just remember to keep away from the grease, flames and wet areas. (Believe me, I have to say that. You know who you are.)

One exhibitor that I fell in love with at the show was  OPEN STUDIO.

Floating Village by Loree Ovens, another Open Studio artist.

Open Studio, located in the heart of downtown Toronto, is Canada’s leading artist-run
printmaking centre featuring works by over 150 artists.   It is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to producing, promoting and preserving contemporary original fine art prints.  The center rents studio space and equipment to printmaking artists as well as offering guided tours of the facility.   Original works produced and sold at Open Studio include etchings, lithographs, relief prints, screenprints and monoprints—and styles; from landscapes to abstracts.

An assortment of loveliness from Open Studio

Is this a deck of cards or what?! Swag from Open Studio.

Sales of these playing cards featuring the work of Open Studio artists are  for sale ($20 or 2 for $35)
Proceeds go towards supporting the studio.

Open Studio was just one of many galleries and artists exhibiting at the show.  Here are some of my other favorite bits of eye candy.

Furniture & Art by Jocelyne Sylvain

Oneo Gallery

Just a small part of an acrylic painting from Oeno Gallery

Oeno Gallery (Ok wipe that drool off your key board)

"Look Away", a collage by Angela Grossmann from Galerie D'Este

Galerie D'Este

Look of Love by Mark Jeremy Gleberzon is an acrylic painting

Mark Jeremy Gleberzon

Another by Mark Jeremy Gleberzon from his Chair collection

Less than one week to go!

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