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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


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Lately I've been reading a lot about something called TYPOGRAPHY which is  the art and technique of arranging type, type design and generally playing around with letters, numbers and symbols.  It's bold and exciting and can define your kitchen in a new way.  You can buy unfinished letters which can be painted  and creatively arranged to add a little intrigue to the heart of you home. Here are just a few ways you can bring typography into the mix for minimal investment.

[caption id="attachment_259" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="In case you were wondering, it's A French term referring to having all the ingredients necessary for a dish prepared and ready to combine up to the point of cooking. For more visit"][/caption]

Fun with food!  There's nothing like a giant letter garnish to start a dinner conversation.

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Just a few BIG letters strategically placed on a shelf or hung on the wall may be all you need.

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How about an art print featuring your lucky number or favorite phrase?

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Use a good old fashioned black board if you want to write your own text.  This allows you to change it up.  Invite the family to contribute.  Heck, it could even be your grocery list.  The point is that the writing is the decorative element.  Make your own blackboard with chalkboard paint by Benjamin Moore.

Drop me a line and let me know your decorating type! (Sorry)

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