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Monday, September 6, 2010


Jason Wu and could it be Vogue editor Anna Wintour?
When I arrived home on Friday a Fed Ex package awaited.  Brizo sent me a beautiful leather luggage tag and catalogs featuring their beautiful plumbing fixtures.  Also included was a matching leather document pouch containing information about Jason Wu, fashion designer and Brizo partner.  Here is a quote from his bio:

"The Jason Wu Collection is the manifestation of the eclectic and diverse background of its designer Jason Wu.  Wu combines modern lifestyle dressing with the spirit of detailing of haute couture in a way that is both innovative and romantically reflective."
Very wearable fashions

He is all about silhouette which makes his vision compatible with a company that produces style in the form of faucets.  All faucets yield water.  Beyond that it's all design, form, silhouette.   I have also browsed a few blogs/sites of my fellow attendees.  One of my favorites is, a blog about culture and style.  Everything from home design to make up, a radar for "hip" in all its forms.  Stay tuned for more about my journey to Fashion Week with Brizo!


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