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Thursday, September 9, 2010


Pretty Private!

What a great beginning! Actually saw a rainbow on the way to the airport.  Made it just in time, without cutting it too close.  Even had enough time to buy a Vanity Fair (old September issue).  Will send pix upon arrival.  Can't wait to see what Brizo has in store for us today and to meet other attendees. 
1:40 pm
Riding STYLE
Stretching out, cause I can.
Great flight (crazy landing though).  I even got to stretch my legs out on two vacant seats in my row.  How often does that happen?  Limo arrived to pick me up, yes only me, and shuttled me to the ritzy 70 Park Avenue Hotel.  I could just imagine people wondering who that was in the stretch limo with the obligatory blacked out windows.  Inside I simply stretched out and enjoyed the view and reggaeton music (96.3FM) on the radio.  Just one glitch so far.  Upon landing, I discovered that my cell phone payment had not gone through, so no cell phone.  No cell phone for me, hubby, daughter or step-son.  Tackled that little BIG issue and phone is back up, running and paid two for months! Now let the games begin!!  More later.


  1. I am related to this woman and I knew her back in the day when she took regular cars. I hope she will remember me when I see her Sat. :)

  2. Just wait. The best is yet to come!