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Monday, June 13, 2011


Every once in a while you just have to get away, at least I do.  So when the Treasure Coast Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association announced that they were holding a meeting at the Cost d’Este in Vero Beach it was the perfect excuse for a staycation for me and the hub.  This lush beach resort is a pet project of Gloria and Emilio Estefan.  It was a perfect venue and a successful meeting for our fledgling chapter.  Know what else it’d be good for?  It would be great for folks at their wits end in the midst of a kitchen renovation!  Note to self: Remember to recommend that clients throw a little "somethin- somethin" into that remodeling budget  for a reno-getaway!  When it gets down to the nitty gritty it’s best to leave it to the trusted experts that you hired and recharge your batteries and reset your stressometer to zero!  Makes sense, no?

No, not me, it's the other Gloria and her husband Emilio, owners of Costa d'Este.

This love-child of the Estefans is a lush Miami-style beach resort located directly on the ocean in Vero Beach, about an hour and a half north of West Palm Beach.  If the ever present pounding rhythm of the ocean doesn’t get you the décor will.  There is not a square inch that hasn’t been designed to the hilt and I loved it all.  It’s just too bad that Costa d’Este is the only thing in Vero.  We tried but we couldn’t find any other signs of life.  If you know otherwise please clue me in.  Luckily this resort is so nice, from the essence of Nag Champa in the lobby to the unexpected visual treats around every corner.  Sad to say my dinner experience at Oriente restaurant was less than inspiring.  Don't get me wrong, my Cuban steak dinner was ok, just not what I would expect, especially considering that the Estefans are accomplished and experienced restaurateurs and cookbook authors.  I grew up in Miami and I know for a fact I can get a Cuban steak, twice as tasty  in the old neighborhood.  Maybe I should've had the paella. Anyway the eye candy is delicious! Check out the following shots by yours truly and enjoy.

These light fixtures grace the halls at Costa d'Este

Our room for two glorious days. There is a shower on the other side of that curvy wall!


Across from the bed, notice the carved bowl for the remote control!


Our room with a view. We left the slider open to hear the rhythm of the ocean.


This is the room where our meeting was held. Love the bubble theme!

We even had the bubble theme in our room!



Add cabelieve these were Lumicor panels in the elevator. They are architectural resin panels featuring real botanicals.

Escape hatch for errant bamboo.


I found this adorable sketch of Frida tucked into a corner of the lobby. It made me :)


Where I spent the better part of two days at Costa d'Este


The end of a perfect getaway. Adios Costa d'Este!



  1. It was all good except the freak bike accident!

  2. Wow, the architecture is totally amazing! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time.

  3. I have always wondered about this place and you have made it sound great. The photos you took were also very good.It is always disappointing when the food is only so so. Still, sounds like you had a grand getaway.

  4. Yes, it's definitely worth a weekend, especially when intense relaxation is in order!

  5. I wasn't going to mention that, maybe we were too relaxed! :)

  6. You would love it Joseph! I think I earned that little respite as of late.

  7. Loved your write up. Bob wants to know what happened on the bike???

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  9. the large floor tiles remind me luxury resorts, looks fab!