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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toronto Day 1

actual view from my hotel window

So for starters, I overslept.  Woke up at 5:38 for flight leaving at 6:50 and I live half an hour from the airport.  By the good graces of God, Continental employees and kind passengers, who let me cut the security line, my butt was in my seat a fraction of a second before they closed the door behind me.

After two hours and a cup of coffee we were in Newark.  I felt as if I have landed on a blank canvas.  Everything is white.  Now you know I love white kitchens and they are hot but this white is cold and there is just so much!  Flight is delayed and the white is multiplying.

Scheduled arrival time in Toronto was around noon.  Actual arrival 9pm.  I was on the same flight with Mark Nover, President of Blanco.  We arrived at the Intercontinental Toronto Center around 10pm.   My camera cord was apparently left behind in the morning rush so pix will be light or non-existent till I can get them from my camera to my computer.  Don't worry I will keep them safe and sound for you in my camera.

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