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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The turkey has left the building and now as we enter that gift giving time of year, we look once again to the age old question of what to get for the ones we love.  Make no mistake, gentlemen, diamonds are still a girl's best friend and I don't want to be the one to blame when your beloved opens the crockpot you gifted her with, no matter how nice.  That said, there are those of us who love kitchens and all the goodies that go along with them.  This year there are an abundance of kitchen gifts that make our life easier, more comfotable and even maybe a little adventurous.  Here are my fave picks for 2010 and where you can score them.

Babycakes Cupcake Maker

1.  Babycakes Cupcake Maker-  Think George Foreman Grill for cupcakes!  I found out about this nifty gift from my 15 year old daughter who is begging for one this year.  It's like an Easy Bake Oven for big girls.  It comes with a recipe book that shows you how to make cute cupcakes, muffins and more in about 5 minutes.  You can get one for $28.88 from J.C. Penney.  It comes in pink and yellow but IMO pink is the way to go.

Keurig Coffee Maker

2. Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker-  This is nothing new but it is really hot this year.  This is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life.  I love ours!  You can make a single cup of coffee in the flavor of your choice with no mess or hassle.  Just pop in the pre-measured Kcup of coffee, press the button and you're good to go.  The coffee is delicious and there are now 150 varieties of coffee, tea and hot chocolate available.  I have found Bed Bath & Beyond to be the best place to replenish your Kcup stash.  Don't worry if you run out though,  it comes with a reuseable cup that allows you to brew your own coffee too.  To be fair, on the downside, you pay a little more for a cup of coffee, the machine's a little noisy while brewing and so far, the Kcups are not recyclable. Check out this video Keurig Single Cup Coffee Brewer from The Coffee Detective for a great demo.  Pricing varies depending on model.  The B60, shown here, goes for $129.99 and you can get it at with options for free shipping.

Aroma AEW 306 5 Quart Electric Wok

3. The Aroma AEW 306 5 Quart Electric Wok is a great gift for the adventurous chef in the family.  It's great for whipping up a healthy stir fry, or any variety of Asian culinary experimentation.  I even use my wok to make Indian food.  The advantage of an electric wok is it's portable,  perfect for braising, tempura, steaming, and more. This sleek, cast metal wok has a non-stick coating, heats up quickly and retains heat, for professional results every time. Includes everything you need to make all your favorite modern and traditional foods, and the large glass dome lid with adjustable steam vent allows for maximum control. The entire unit easily detaches from the base and is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup and even easier storage. Includes long cooking chopsticks, steam rack and tempura rack.  At only $35.42 from you can probably even throw in a cook book!

Cast Iron Japanese Teapot

4. The Tetsubin Cast Iron Japanese Teapot by Teavana is on the top of my wish list this year.  I love tea, all kinds, but I also love beautiful art and craftsmanship.  This elegant teapot has all that plus function.  This is the best way to brew tea, since the cast iron distributes the heat evenly inside the pot to better extract the flavors and benefits of the tea. These Japanese teapots are handmade in Japan of solid cast iron with a fully enameled inside and a stainless steel basket for your tea leaves. Cast Iron teapots will keep your tea hot for close to an hour. They also sell cast iron stands that will hold your pot over a tea candle to keep tea warm for several hours!  Each pot is engraved with symbolism such as dragon flies which stand for new beginnings or dragons which stand for power and good fortune.  These teapots start at $69.95 and are available on line or at your local Teavana retailer.

Wine Country Gift Basket

5. Last but not least, do you have a whole family to shop for without the budget for individual gifts?  This is a great opportunity for a gift basket.  They come in all kinds of themes including wine, chocolate, coffee, pasta and more.  I love  They offer variety, value, dependable delivery, free shipping and prices starting at $25.  If you've got the time you can also make your own gift basket.  This is a great way to make a very personal gift at an even better price!


  1. Dear Gloria,
    Great Christmas ideas. Thanks for sharing this with me.

    We just returned to Chicago but are most excited to see what ideas you have for our re model when we see you in January.

    Linda and Dawn

  2. I'm excited too! Your samples are ordered and I'm playing with the layout now. Stay warm :)