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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy (Kitchen Design) Endings

It's been one of those weeks.  I'm happy to be busy but struggling to keep up!  I have been working on a big traditional kitchen design for a client trying to recreate her favorite kitchen back in Toronto.  Since lots of walls are being removed to create a large open space we ended up with a situation which will locate the end of the refrigerator in the hallway! One of the most unsightly kitchen endings would be the side of a refrigerator.  Who wants to look at that?
With the enduring popularity of the open kitchen plan we are faced with including a seamless transition between the "kitchen proper" and the adjacent living area.  Even if you opt to spend a little extra for a decorative finish to the sides or backs of cabinets that are fully exposed there are some other creative solutions.  This got me thinking about how to end it all, in a happy way, of course.  I decided to employ a technique I have used previously.

We accomplished this fine ending with less than 12" of spaceI will use this solution in my new design

If you're short on space, you can implement this solution with only 6" of extra space.  Make the top doors glass for a place to display a collection or if you can squeeze out 12" in depth, use solid doors and you have a handy pantry. Don't forget you'll have to finish side of the end cabinet so it looks great from the front too.

Photo courtesy of Holiday Kitchens

This traditional example by Holiday Kitchens, becomes warm and inviting with the addition of an attractive end unit which, not only creates a beautiful spot to display that special something, but it's also a great way to transition from kitchen to living area.

Mini peninsula placed at the end adds counter, storage and visual appeal

Easy access to BBQ tools from porch

Here's a handy solution for a client with a smallish kitchen who was looking for a little extra counter space as well as a handy place to store his barbeque paraphanalia.  The back of the cabinet opens right at the opening to a sliding glass door leading to his barbeque on the porch.  It also visually defines the end of the kitchen.

This solution by Holiday Kitchens uses 12" deep cabinets and offers a little extra counter space

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