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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This track lighting system works
great with a contemporary design
Just as a beautiful pendant is a focal point for a necklace, a pendant light can add a little bling to your kitchen.  Light fixtures are a great way to add visual interest and color without a lifetime commitment.  After all, you can usually change them without too much hassle when you want to freshen things up.  Get that kitchen scrapbook out and take note!  Here are some of my favorite looks and where you can get them.

Kyoto Pendant Lamp by
Meyda Custom Lighting

If you are a fan of the Asian aesthetic these lights are for you.  Beautiful in their Zen simplicity, they are also a great match for the stainless steel finishes you may have in your kitchen.

These whimsical light fixtures will make you smile even before you've had your coffee!

These coffee lights  consist of light colored coffee cups with dark colored saucers. The light source is inside the cup.  Pretty clever, huh?  If you’re pretty good with handyman repairs and are comfortable with minor electrical wiring, this would be a nice DIY project. Not only would you save yourself a couple of dollars on the purchase of this unique fixture, but you’d be able to customize it with your personal preferences. Don’t like the coffee cups, no problem, change them. Don’t like the saucers, change them as well.The Coffee Lights sell through Connex for $199 US.

Finned Wine Bottle Pendants by Meyda Custom Lighting

These elegant specimens with their finned openings are actually made from wine bottles.  The deep jewel tones are a lovely accent for either painted or wood stained cabinets.

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