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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


House Beautiful Magazine featured Holiday Kitchens Cabinets in their May issue.  I wrote about the project in my May 7th blog post.  I love the Holiday Kitchens line because they are truly a great value for a custom US manufactured cabinet.  This Kitchen of the Month, which  happens to be in the residence of Robert Kennedy Jr. and his family, showcases green, eco-friendly products.  Designer Robin Wilson used recycled wood, formaldehyde-free glues, low-VOC paints and stains.  With a little bit of thought you can incorporate some or all of these things into your new kitchen.  The best news is that it is even becoming more affordable to do so.  If you're not ready for the "full-on-granola-lifestyle", you can go green at your own comfort level.  Even simple habits like turning off the the lights and recycling your cans and cardboard can be a good start.  If you want to go further, there's always a new Holiday kitchen! 

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