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Tuesday, July 6, 2010



We can emulate the moods of natural light in our kitchen environments.

One of the most important components of  your kitchen design is lighting, both in terms of how you see the overall picture and how you will function within it. Today I would like to introduce and welcome Guest Blogger and lighting expert Marcia Excelrud.  I asked her how to begin when considering lighting for the heart of the home.

 “ Lighting is part of our every day life. It creates a mood and determines how we see the world around us.  The best way to begin thinking about lighting is by looking at nature. I took some pictures at the park near-by, showing how the position of the clouds and sun affect how we visualize the colors and shapes of our environment. Glare  and reflections play a big part. We can create the same effects at night or indoors depending on the lamps, fixtures and accessories we use as seen in the kitchen photo above. I will stop by Kitchens for Living now and again to share with you the best products and techniques to show your kitchen in the best light."

Marcia Exelrud is the founder and CEO for the company Bright Light Designs, Inc. Ms. Exelrud has 20 years of well-rounded experience in the architectural, lighting and interior design industries and is a memver of the International Association of Lighting Designers.  She can be contacted through her website

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