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Thursday, July 22, 2010


So today we'll go for a little fluff, a little dreaming and I'll tell you a secret.  After all, no telling where kitchen inspiration will come from!  Last week that nifty little news box on my Yahoo page popped up with a story about Marilyn Monroe's house being up for sale (3.6 million).  I must confess I've long had a secret obsession with Norma Jean.  Marilyn and I go way back. I've always been a fan of this tragic and probably very misunderstood diva and I've read a bio or two.  Marilyn aside, this Spanish Colonial Revival house is my dream home. Plain and simple. Lacking the ostentation of a typical L.A. starlet's abode, it's just so HOMEY.  I love the white walls, exposed wood beams, original teracotta floors, cozy reading space, pool and patio etc.  

Marilyn reportedly made a trip to Mexico to furnish her new home before she died.  Come to think of it, looks like Frida would have been equally happy with this house!  I know that since Marilyn left us in '62 there have been many remodels but this is the way it remains today.  
Take a look at this kitchen. Reportedly the original refrigerator was blue! Now great stainless appliances are a highlight as well as a terrific island.  These white painted cabinets fit right in with the style of the house and contrast nicely with the exposed wood beams..  Oh well,  a girl can dream...

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