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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As promised, by yours truly, may I present this year's Subzero Wolf Traditional Kitchen Design winner,  Vasi Ypsilantis of The Breakfast Room Ltd., Manhasset, New York.  I find it interesting that both contemporary (see last post) and traditional winners used the color blue and incorporated dark stained wood into their designs even though they are at opposite ends of the design spectrum.  Notice how the architectural detail in the ceiling is repeated with the hood.  This kitchen has a very authentic turn of the century appeal.  In traditional styling it is all about the attention to detail.


  1. I am not seeing many upper cabinets. May create a clean look but not as useful for access. Especially surprising for a traditional look.

  2. It looks like rich interior! I made kitchen it is my hobby. SO for many moivation pliss see my website!