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Thursday, April 15, 2010


One of the myriad decisions you'll have to make when considering new kitchen cabinets is STYLE.  What do you say when your kitchen professional poses the question, what style are you?  There are, of course, many but we can safely narrow it down to three categories.  The first one is known as TRADITIONAL.  Anything Old World, Country, French Country or Tuscan would come under that category.  You know you're traditional when cabinet doors are ornate with lots of finish detail and moulding.  Because of this, a classic or traditional look is usually the most expensive to create.  The second category is CONTEMPORARY.  This style is usually very simple and streamlined with not a lot of detail.  This type of kitchen gets its beauty from the materials used.  For example a beautiful wood grain or color.  If you are careful about the materials used this can by your most inexpensive option.  Remember less can be more.  The third style is TRANSITIONAL.  A lot of us come under this category which could also be described as eclectic. The popular Shaker door is a good example of this.  It can be either modern or traditional looking depending on the hardware you select and the rest of the finishes in the kitchen.  If you're interested in resale value this is the way to go as it will appeal to the majority. Now can you identify the style of kitchen in these three photos from Holiday Kitchens?

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  1. *gasp* that modern kitchen is HOLIDAY?!!! *WANT*!!!!