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Monday, April 26, 2010


One of the hallmarks of a successful business in today's maket- place is the ability to diversify.  With that in mind, I take you from our 
usual hangout, the kitchen, and into the bedroom.  One of our clients is the owner of this fabulous antique headboard.  It is made out of beech wood with lots of ornate carving and hand woven wicker.  Brendan estimates its age is at least one hundred years.  
So what is the problem, you say?  The challenge is she wants to move up from a queen to a king sized bed.  Not a dilemma at all for Brendan and Trevor, our magicians in the shop.  They simply designed an attractive extension on either side. When they're finished the entire piece will be refinished so that the extensions will be undetectable. Now you can call it fit for a king!  

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